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 About Us

Curious Corp., Post OfficeOur Company was established in July,2001. We develop Analog/Mixed Signal (Analog/Digital Mixture) IC( Integrated Circuit). In the future, all information processing machines will be presumed to be connected over a form of network or another. As such demands for these machines are expected to increase considerably in the ever-expanding world of communication with this increase demands for the LCD Driver will also undoubtedly rise. With the present lack of analog design capacity in the world due to a shortage of analog engineers. Our main purpose is to work hard to provide our customers with the best expert advice and services possible.

Curious Corp., PDF File DownloadComapny Introduction

Company Name
CURIOUS Corporation
Office Address
[Tokyo Office]
Zip 101-0047
Kotani BLD 5F
2-5-3, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to JAPAN
Phone +81-3-5207-2785
Google Map

[Sendai Design Center]
Zip 981-31352
Yaotome Office BLD 6th floor
1−7−5 Yaotomechuo, Izumi-ku, Sendai, Miyagi JAPAN
Phone +81-22-346-8435
Google Map

[Iwate Head Office]
Zip 021-0003
Pastrale 3-102
4-3, Higashigodai, Ichinoseki, Iwate JAPAN
Phone +81-191-32-5257
Google Map

[Singapore Office]
Zip 347722
12 Tannery Road #08-07 HB Centre 1 Singapore
Phone +65-6681-5756
Google Map

Officers and others
Jan-Jue  Chang     (Chairman)
Takayuki Onodera   (President & CEO)
Toru     Iijima    (Director)
Ray      Chen      (Director)       (USA)
Joe      Lin       (Director)       (TAIWAN)
Eric     Chung     (Auditor)        (TAIWAN)
Jun      Hasegawa  (CTO)
Takefumi Yoshikawa (Technical advisor)  
                    Professor, Toyama Prefectual University
Development/Manufacture/Sales Of LSI
  1.  Sales of Semiconductor Products
  2.  Development of LSI
  3.  IP License & Support
2001 July 9th
US$ 1,500,000- (2021 June)
  •  IWATE Bank Ichinoseki Branch Office
  •  MIZUHO Bank Sendai Branch Office
  •  KITANIPPON Bank Ichinoseki Branch Office
Fisical Year End
December 31th
Customer & Partner Company
  •  Panasonic Corporation(Japan)
  •  Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.(Japan)
  •  Nuvoton Technology Japan(Japan)
  •  Sony Coporation(Japan)
  •  Sony Semiconductor Solutions Coporation(Japan)
  •  Sony LSI Design Coporation(Japan)
  •  Nikon Corporation(Japan)
  •  Denso Corporation(Japan)
  •  Renesas Electronics Corporation(Japan)
  •  FUJIFILM Co.,Ltd.(Japan)
  •  NTT Electronics Corporation(Japan)
  •  NEC Coporation(Japan)
  •  NEC Space Technologies(Japan)
  •  SHARP Coporation(Japan)
  •  Infineon Technologies(Germany) Infineon
  •  Cypress Semiconductor Corporation(USA)
  •  Cypress Innovates(Japan)
  •  Brillnics Japan Inc.(Japan) Brillnics Japan
  •  Brookman Technology Inc.(Japan)
  •  Rosnes Corporation(Japan)
  •  SensAI Corporation(Japan)
  •  Imagica Technologies Inc.(Canada) Imagica
  •  Metria Sensors Inc.(Canada) Metrio
  •  Orbbec 3D Technology International, Inc.(USA) Orbbec
  •  Gpixel Inc.(China) Gpixel
  •  Shanghai CelePixel Co. Ltd(China) CelePixel
  •  Brillnics Inc.(Tawiwan) Brillnics
  •  HOLTEK Semiconductor Inc.(Taiwan) Holtek
  •  Winbond Electronics Corporation(Taiwan) Winbond
  •  Foxconn Technology Group(Taiwan) Foxconn
  •  Hon Hai Precision Industry(Taiwan) HonHai
  •  MediaTek(Taiwan) MTK
  •  Alchip Technologies, Ltd.(Taiwan) Alchip
  •  Alchip Technologies Japan(Japan)
  •  Faraday Technology(Taiwan) Faraday
  •  Faraday Technology Japan(Japan)
  •  Global Unichip(Taiwan) GUC
  •  VeriSilicon Inc.(USA) VeriSilicon
  •  Progate Group Corporation(Taiwan) PGC
  •  TOSHIBA Corporation(Japan)
  •  MegaChips Corporation(Japan)
  •  Socinext Corporation(Japan)
  •  M31 Technology (Taiwan) M31
  •  ARM Ltd. (UK) ARM
  •  SmartDV Technology Ltd. (India) SmartDV
  •  Sofics BV (Belgium) Sofics
  •  Toshiba Information Systems Corporation(Japan)
  •  Sanei Hytechs Co.,Ltd.(Japan)
  •  Toppan Printing Co.,Ltd.(Japan)
  •  Toppan Technical Design Center Co., Ltd.(Japan)
  •  Shanghai Bwave Technology Co.,Ltd.(China)Bwave
  •  Savarti Ltd. (USA)
  •  Oppstar Technology (Malaysia)
  •  HOYA Corporaion(Japan)
  •  Japan Systemware(Japan) NSW
  •  Uozu Device Engineering Coporation(Japan)
  •  Linear Cell Design(Japan)
  •  Analogist(Japan)
  •  Terapixel Technologies Corporaion(Japan)
  •  Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company(Taiwan) TSMC
  •  TSMC Japan Limited(Japan) TSMCJ
  •  United Microelectronics Company(Taiwan) UMC
  •  Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.(South Korea) Samsung
  •  Samsung Japan Corporation(Japan)
  •  UMC Group Japan(Japan) UMCGJ
  •  Towerjazz Panasonic Simiconductor Corporation(Japan) TPSCo
  •  Globalfoundries(USA) GF
  •  Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation(China) SMIC
  •  FUJIFILM Degital Techno Corpoation(Japan)
  •  HITACHI ULSI Systems Co.,Ltd.(Japan)
  •  HITACHI Solutions Technology Co.,Ltd.(Japan)
  •  OKI Engineering Co.,Ltd.(Japan)
  •  ASE Japan Co.,Ltd.(Japan)
  •  MITSUI High-tech, Inc.(Japan)
  •  OOI Electric Co.,Ltd.(Japan)
  •  TAITEC Corporation(Japan)
  •  NEC Tohoku, Ltd.(Japan)
  •  Denken, Co.,Ltd.(Japan)
  •  ACORN Logic Technology Corporation(Japan)
  •  Hong Xiang Technology Co.,Ltd.(Taiwan) HXT
  •  Altera Japan Corporation(Japan) Altera
  •  KANEMATSU Corporation(Japan) (Agant) [IC]
  •  Transilicon Corporation(China) (Agant) [IC & IP]Transilicon
  •  Shanghai Jiatao Industrial Co.,LTD(China) (Agant) [IP] Jiatao
  •  Zuiki Inc.(China/Japan) (Agant) [IP] Zuiki
  •  Triton Corporation(Taiwan/Japan) (Agant) [IP] Triton
  •  Maple Technology Inc.(South Korea) (Agant) [IC]
  •  UNIPIX Corporation(South Korea) (Agent) [IP]
  •  Marubun Corporation(Japan)
  •  Toyama Prefectural University(Japan)
  •  Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology(Japan)
  •  Bridge Roots Capital(Taiwan)
  •  Element III Venture Capital(Taiwan)
  •  Nestor Capital Investment Limited Pertnership(Taiwan)
  •  Deloite Taiwan(Taiwan)
  •  TMI Associates Services Co., Ltd.(Japan)
  •  Altas Magnetics Corporation(USA)
  •  CURIOUS Holding Co., Ltd.(Taiwan)
  •  CURIOUS Tek (Singapore) CTK